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Do you tend to ignore your own needs?

We place ourselves in a highly vulnerable position by regularly putting others’ needs before our own.

Sometimes in order to be accepted and loved we learn to live up to expectations that we generally don’t agree with. We think that if we try to fulfill the wishes and desires of those around us, we can get the much-desired acceptance, love and respect we all yearn for and consequently feel content and happy.

Unfortunately, in a lot of cases we tend to ignore our own needs, wishes, desires while catering to others’. Not paying attention to our own needs can leave us feel exhausted, empty, frustrated, lost etc. and places us in a highly vulnerable position. It may feel as if we gave away our own personal power by regularly putting others’ needs first.

Therapy can help you

• recognise, identify and attend to your own needs, wishes, desires

• create healthy boundaries in order to be able to build and maintain fulfilling connections with yourself and others

• get back your personal power and agency.

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