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Counselling and therapy for:


Working in health care is a beautiful venture, however, having worked as a doctor myself, I am well aware of how tough it can be on professionals. The constant pressure and need to excel may lead to burnout and places an incredible amount of stress on us that can take its toll physically and psychologically as well. As a health care professional you are likely dealing with situations concerning life and death on a daily basis and that also can be a lot to process. As you are the one who is expected to show strength in the toughest situations it might not be easy and can feel shameful to open up about the difficulties you’re going through. 

I offer a confidential space to talk about your difficult experiences. Sessions help you gain clarity on your own needs and strengths and give you an  opportunity to explore the best ways of taking care of yourself. 

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You might have just started college or uni, had to relocate, moved out from home and faced with a great amount of academic work, exam stress, competition culture and feel overwhelmed, lost and lonely. You might be on your academic journey for quite a time, but experience difficulty in other areas of your life and need some support. You might feel that the anxiety you’re experiencing makes it difficult for you to concentrate and to get things done, find yourself procrastinating and as a result you might also worry about lagging behind either academically or in life.

As a person who spent 14 years in higher education I am familiar with the difficulties that may arise during an academic journey either as a fresher or as a mature student and know how demanding it can be to juggle studies/work/family/friends at times. I provide a safe space for you to untangle your difficulties, fears, the lack of confidence and low self-esteem you might be feeling and support you in finding the best way for you to flourish.

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It is often said that moving abroad creates a good opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge about oneself. I believe this to be true and also, as a person who moved to the UK from Hungary I understand that moving to a different country can be a daunting and complex experience.  As the first excitement of the ‘honeymoon’ period wears off you may feel like an outsider on a daily basis. You may be experiencing loneliness, isolation and may faced with the difficulty of not knowing the language and/or the culture well. You might feel confused and without direction as if you ‘have lost yourself’.

Together we can explore what living abroad means to you and I can support you in connecting to your values and (re?)discovering your authentic self.

It may be useful for you to know that I provide counselling and therapy in English and Hungarian as well.

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Our society created a number of stereotypes around what it is like to age and how people should behave at a certain age. You maybe just have retired and noticed that you are now expected to act in a different way, you might experience loss of personal and social worth and feel unable to face new roles or may feel out of touch with the meaning of your life. You might feel lonely, isolated and have experienced the loss of a partner or friend. You may be concerned about your body image and changing body capacity or you might be struggling with bodily illnesses, such as pains and dementia.

I am a specialist in geriatrics (elderly care) and have worked with senior adults for more than 6 years as a doctor. I have experience in counselling senior adults and I am passionate about debunking myths and stereotypes around ageing. I offer you a safe place where we can explore and process your difficult experiences around ageing and where we can work together in order to help you reclaim your power and live a more content and meaningful life than before.

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