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MA Person-centred Experiential Counselling and Psychotherapy

- University of Nottingham

BA Psychology

- University of Debrecen, Hungary

Medical Doctor specialised in     Geriatrics

- Semmelweis University, Budapest,   Hungary


British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) - Registered member

(Reg. No. 377329)

You may be wondering: what does experiential in my qualification stand for?


It encapsulates the importance of ‘experiencing’ in the process of change and growth. It is an approach where there is emphasis put on the way we process what happened to us and where bringing these processes to awareness gives the opportunity for change and growth to happen.


We will be concentrating on the ‘here and now’ during sessions with special focus on the experiencing of your body. We are our body, so the body is a deep source of information about who we are. Paying attention to and being aware of our body can provide deep knowledge about ourselves. In the sessions I help you tap into this knowledge when applicable and if you are open to it.


I am a person-centred experiential counsellor and psychotherapist and also a medical doctor specialised in geriatrics (elderly care). I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. 

I worked as a doctor for more than 6 years and during that time I realised the importance of the 'body-mind' connection, a topic I am passionate about. I noticed that mind, body and soul cannot be separated, it's the whole person who responds to the world. This experience inspired me to pursue qualifications in psychology and also counselling and psychotherapy and eventually to commit myself fully to therapy.


The combination of these qualifications allows me to support you in  a holistic way and to take all aspects of your issue into consideration when working together.


I work with you as the unique person you are and aim to understand your specific experience rather than making assumptions based on a perhaps previously acquired diagnosis. This is why I ask what has happened to you instead of what is wrong with you. 

As a person-centred experiential therapist I believe that every individual who is given the right conditions is able to tap into their own resources and realise their agency, and in the presence of an empathic facilitator find their own way to flourish

I am committed to create a space for you that is accepting, non-judgemental and where you are able to explore your issues, feelings, felt senses, thoughts, behaviours that you find important and relevant to your situation. A space where we can look at the learned and currently unhelpful strategies, recurring patterns that hold you back from living a meaningful, joyful and content life.

I believe in the healing power of a therapeutic relationship in which we both bring our most genuine selves to the table. Experiencing such a relationship can help you look at your most vulnerable parts and processes with acceptance and empathy in a safe place.

Reflecting on yourself in the presence of a non-judgemental, empathetic and genuine facilitator results in higher levels of awareness that has the potential to bring about change and the opportunity for living a more authentic and fulfilling life than before. 

Who can benefit and what do I offer?

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